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Senior Thesis 1 & 2 - ​Progress Documentation | Rita Lei | 05-08-2020

01. Thoughts, Goals, Dreams & Fears 
What I want to get out of this project/semester/year:

  • Concept: To get a deeper understanding of complex system and user workflow

  • Research: To explore and gather accurate data of user needs and marketing place for convincing research

  • Design: To improve system thinking for interaction design, to improve visual design skills for the holistic experience

  • Dreams: Data-driven & Passion-driven & Design-driven

  • Fears: Research and communication might be the constraints but I'll improve them :)

Skills I want to enhance or develop:
  • Research & Data Analysis Skills

  • Interaction Design Skills

  • Visual Design Skills

  • Presentation Skills

What a successful project looks like to me:
  • Accurate & Informative data: data-driven

  • User-center design: customer-driven

  • Convincing research: test-driven

  • Successful business model: market-driven

  • Great interaction design: design-driven

  • Great visual design: design-driven

What I am concerned about:
  • Time constraints

  • Validation

  • Iteration

  • The fields I would like to explore: Education, Health-Care, Mental health


A cooking App features professional video tutorials with customized recipes based on family members' health conditions. It is special at voice interaction and air gestures.

02. Initial Concept - Raw Sketches (Last Semester)
The direction I would like to focus:

To create a product that can improve the holistic shopping experience for customers. The techniques I would like to use are AR and IoT.


I'm curious about how modern technologies can make a better life for people in the future.

03. Project Brief

Smart Fridge

04. Thesis 1 - Progress Documentation (Sep 2019 - Dec 2019)

05. Topic Exploration - Participation Reflection Post

10-04-2019  Gamification - Reflection

10-13-2019  Education - Reflection

10-18-2019  VR/AR - Reflection

10-25-2019  Mental Health - Summary

11-01-2019  Natural User Interface - Reflection

11-07-2019  Sound in Design - Reflection

11-14-2019  Sustainability - Reflection
11-22-2019  Transportation + Wayfinding - Reflection


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