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2017 Dec



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01. Brief



Birch trees symbolize beginnings and rebirth. Like a birch tree, our furniture is given a new life every time it travels to a new home. With our sustainable mission, we made reusable, clean and modern furniture easy and accessible to everyone who has a temporary home in cities.  



Design a "LIFE SERVICE" for 20-30 year-old young adults or middle class.



Secondary research & Primary research - Ecosystem mapping - Synthesis - Experience mapping - Storyboarding - Ideation - Workflow - App UI design - Branding - User tesing = Story video production

02. Secondary Research

to learn about the problem space

"LIFE SERVICE" is very broad,

we decided to break it down to many categories and see what we can find:

Then, we narrowed them down to three areas: housing, traveling and dining, with the most potentiality to design

03. Primary Research

to learn about the people's needs and contexts

In order to figure out what service people wants most, we did a online questionnaire.

Initially, we chose RENTAL FURNITURE SERVICE as our opportunity design area and did 6 interviews with CCA students. Then, we broke the process into 4 main steps based on time: considering, buying, using and discarding. 

After that, we organized the raw data and created our synthesis map.

What really stand out are:

" You never know the furniture and the seller (online furniture rental service)." - Agni

"Apartment wanted a ping pong table, but not a necessity, so didn't get one because it was expensive to buy one." - Josh

"I move every year." - Eing

"I like to buy cheaper furniture now because I only use it for a short time period." - Ella

" When I purchase used furniture, I consider price and the use of it." - Saber

04. Key Insights & Opportunity Statement

These help us to understand:

  • There is a need of an easy access to high-quality used furniture.

  • While purchasing used furniture, price, use of time, quality matters a lot.

  • Trust is hard but important.

  • Expensive furniture, such as entertainment furniture, could be rent for a short time period. 

There is an opportunity to design a trustworthy and affordable furniture rental service for college students who live in cities temporarily.

05. Ideation

to use our insights from research and our knowledge of problem space to create ideas for the future

We brought our brand values into the 5 stages, and design mobile App for furniture rental service.

We voted for the ideas

which stood out most

AR measurement

Furniture recycle

Monthly subscription 

Entertainment furniture

06. Storyboarding

to put persona into contexts during time

07. Competitor Analysis

to know whether their form and content works or not

08. Workflow

We simplified the process and focused on the main features and key moments.

09. High-fidelity App Interface

10. Branding

Cooperate with schools to create trust and value

Multiple social media to 

keep our community closer

Fast delivery

Professional workers

11. Service Blueprint

We did our service blueprint on how furniture rental service will be de provided in front stage and back stage,specifying the physical evidence. It helped us to better understand customers actions, stuff actions and support systems across different channels during time.

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