A concept calorie-control tool that helps you track weight and lose fat easily. It is made up of two components: One is a smart bag with sensors that detect the food nutrition. Another is a paired app that displays the results and tracks the weight.​

01. Brief



Craft a complete and consistent Out of Box Experience for a new food service that facilitates users' modification and results in behavior change.



Primary and secondary research - 30 concept sheets - High fidelity app prototype - Physical device - Branding -  Video


Peter Stahl


Key Roles  

Design research
Visual design
Video production


Individual Project

Rita Lei



2017 Oct



2 weeks




02. Research​

To fully understand the problem space, I conducted three first-person interviews and read extensive secondary research related to healthy eating habits and weight loss. ​

I understood that:​​  

  • Self-control is hard. 

  • People usually give up before seeing the results.

  • Multiple platforms lack the consistency of nutrition facts.

There is an opportunity to offer an easy access to nutrition facts and encourage people when they make progress on weight loss

03. How Might We...?


04. Ideation

Using Cheatstorming, an innovative rapid idea generation technique developed at Carnegie Mellon University, I developed 30 diverse concept sheets around my opportunity statement.  

Customer Journey Map

I refined ideas on potential product solutions to help customers insist on healthy diet and workout.​


Plan A:
AR Headset & Diet App


Plan B:
Smart Bag & Diet App

05. Competitor Analysis


I eventually chose Plan B (Smart Bag & Diet App).

In order to compare the information architecture and user interface of the competitor Apps, I took screenshots and did the competitor analysis (MyPlate, MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, 8fit).

06. Visual  Exploration


To make my brand stand out from the competitors, I chose personalities for my brand: young, healthy, green, clean, and friendly.


Mood Board


Style Tiles

07. Behavior Model

08. High-fidelity Prototype & Branding

I simplified and emphasized the main features: tracking, detecting and encouraging.



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