Problem Statement:

Modern people aged between 18-45 years old who are interested in cooking and care about family wellness, find it inconvenient to explore specific recipes based on personal health conditions and interact with learning App via their wet hands while cooking. 

Design Opportunity:

Foodiveristy is a cooking App which features professional video tutorials with customized recipes based on the diversity of family members' health conditions. It is special at voice interaction and air gestures to free users hands in the scenario of cooking.

Concept Video:

This is a video introducing how the cooking App solves users' problems under specific circumstances.

Rita Lei
May 8, 2020
24 weeks
 🍏 Process Documentation 🍎
Let's see how I got here
Overall Working Progress
 🍊 Previous Research & User Test 🍋
The process of concept generation & prototype iteration

3 Competitor Analysis of information architecture and 2 technical research

1 round of concept test and user interview with 6 target users

5 rounds of users test of the prototype for iteration & refinement over 5 weeks

1 expert Interview for professional feedback to develop the final design


Ruoyi Li, 23

Graphic designer

"It is inconvenient to use my wet hands to touch the screen while cooking..."

(Highlighted take-away from concept test interview)

"The mobile screen is too small to

see the details of the cooking process."

(Highlighted take-away from concept test interview)

Qing Ye, 26


Changke Li, 42

Office Worker

"Since I would like to cook for my family, if the recommendations could be based on multi-users' health conditions, it would be perfect! "

(Highlighted take-away from User Test of Prototype Version 4)

 🍒 Previous Interview with Expert 🍍
Feedback from a senior design expert in DiDi
Expert Background
  • Engaged in the User Experience industry for nearly 10 years, Yelu Liu is currently serving as a senior design expert at DiDi, responsible for experience design work of financial business-related products.

  • He once served as a design manager in Baidu, a senior interaction designer of Taobao and Tencent. He used to involve in diverse fields: instant messaging, community, information, video, e-commerce, and finance. And he was a speaker of IXDC Beijing 2016 / Shenzhen 2019 Workshop.

  • He provided user experience training and expert consulting services for some startup companies, consulting companies, and design organizations.

  • Yelu Liu is good at design experience innovation and has more than 50 domestic and foreign invention patents.

​Interview Objection
  • How would you feel about the product solve customers' pain-points

  • How do you think about the features of this product

  • How do you think about the interaction designs of the wireframe

  • Other comments and suggestions

Key take-aways
  • For functionality: Focus more on family wellness and healthy recommendations to make the product unique in the marketing place

  • For data input: the workflow of health data syncing should be straightforward

  • For technology:  Air Gesture could be considered to control the App without touching the screen directly

  • For wireframes: details of interaction design should be polished

 🥕 Summary for the final design  🥦
Design for Prototype Version 5
  • Design for tablet-based App with a large screen for video tutorials

  • Use voice interaction & air gesture to free hands while cooking

  • Recommend customize recipes based on family members' health conditions

  • Change User-Generated Content to Professor-Generated Content to ensure the quality and profession for the learning resources

  • Allow syncing health conditions of multi-users' to improve the diversity of food recommendation

 🌽 Persona 🍓
Based on secondary research and user interviews

Alex Lee

  • Age: 36

  • Occupation: Housewife

  • Location: Nanjing

  • Behaviors: Cooking is an important part of her life

  • Motivations: She wants to explore healthy recipes for her family

  • Needs: Healthy recipes which can fit personal needs

  • Painpoints: hard to find specific recipes fits personal health conditions, inconvenient to touch the screen via wet hands while cooking

Shi Sheng

  • Age: 29

  • Occupation: Cafe Owner

  • Location: Shanghai

  • Behaviors: Cooking is a personal hobby in his daily life

  • Motivations: He wants to develop his cooking skills to a professional level

  • Needs: Professional tutorials, High-quality learning resources

  • Painpoints: The content of the current Apps is not professional enough to meet his needs. The mobile screen size is too small to view the details clearly

 🥗 Previous User Workflow 🥘
(Prototype Version 4)
Almost  👀 blind ?Click to view details
04-02-2020  Workflow - 逻辑流程图.png
🥙 High-fidelity UI 🌮 
Developed from prototype version 5
1. Onboarding​

Featuring customized recipes based on users' health conditions, Foodiversity navigates first-time users to sync health data, set up food preferences and goals by simply following these steps:

Rita Lei

2.1 Tutorials - Voice interaction

Foodiversity is featured at video tutorials with air gesture and voice interaction.

All food recommendation is based on users preset health conditions and food preferences.

The wayfinding system is easy straightforward:

  • Search: Users can search the content by recipe, cook or menu

  • Filter: Users can change or reset the categories they have chosen in the onboarding process

  • Sort: Users can sort the video tutorials based on recommended, most appreciated, most collected, most discussed, or most recent

2.2 Tutorials - Air gesture

No more struggle of interacting with the App via wet hands, Foodiversity offers you a more intuitive and engaging cooking experience through air gesture while cooking.

3. Recipe Details

From the video tutorials page, users can choose whatever tutorial they like to view more details.

In the recipe details page, not only can users watch video tutorials, but also follow the text-based instructions step by step. Also, users can ask Foodiveristy to read the instruction for them by voice interaction while cooking, which brings more convenience. They can save the recipe to their collection for later.

4. Profile

In the profile page: the admin can add multi-users, such as other family members. After the members confirm the invitation, their health data will be synced as well, 

Therefore, food recommendations could be more diverse and family-friendly.

 🍳 What I learned 🍗
This is just a new beginning :)
Strategy for the future
  • Concept test goes first before developing the high-fidelity prototype

  • Focus on the key features dealing with significant pain-points

  • Start board but narrow it down for specific details

  • Finish the work ahead of the deadline to save time for the future iteration

  • Document the whole process and keep materials organized

 🍭 Thanks for Watching 🍡
Hungry? Don't hesitate to download Foodiveristy :)

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