​Gamification - Reflection Notes

Rita Lei

Rita Lei

What was the topic?

Lecture Link: ​Gamification

Who facilitated (the team in charge)

Tia’s engaging performance and tone in the presentation was very attractive. In the game session, Sherry invited everyone to participate and the gaming experience was interesting, which helped us to understand and digest the lecture better.

What was the activity?
  • To get more followers through “Rock Paper Scissors”

  • A game that invites participants to come up with noun, verb, adj, adv. to form a sentence.

Notes I took, photos, sketchnotes, output from activity, etc.

What was interesting?

  • The second game that invited participants to come up with noun, verb, adj, adv. to form a sentence. It got everyone involved and the atmosphere was pretty enjoyable.

What was helpful?
  • The lecture itself was very informative and well-organized for us to digest the content.

  • The interaction (activity) during class brought a lot of fun and help us to understand the content by actions.

  • The comparison between good gamification and bad gamification.

What (if anything) was applicable to your own project?
  • Use forms to make comparisons

  • Learn by doing

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