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Emily Pham, 23

“Where have you travelled to recently? Chat and let me know! I’m an accomplished, and well-travelled person, but my most attractive quality is making a mean pot pie.”

Kelly Trang, 25

“Picturing you and me on an island together?
I enjoy playing the role of a sweet girlfriend, but I don’t expect you to pay for my meals.”

Kashmira Shah, 28

“Looking for a kind companion to go on hikes with me and hear my secrets, although I already have a bunch of great friends for that.”

Michelle Tran, 27

“I’ve spent 10 years painting and drawing,
 but I would give all of that up for a man who takes care of me.”

Aline Padikkal, 24

“Studying neuroscience at UC Berkeley.
I’m passionate about this, but I’m hoping to give up my career at age 29 when we give birth to our first child.”

Jenny Nguyen, 24

“Hi! I enjoy cooking, running and reading. I’m looking for a good man to nurture and support, and my life’s dream is to be great at household chores.”

Helen Zhou, 19

“My mom says it’s very bad to be 25 and single, so I’m hoping to find a mediocre but loving man by advertising myself here. What’s your GPA?”

Sayyeshaa Saigal, 22

“Hi, Say’s mother here. My daughter is a sweet and caring soul who is looking for a good man. Must be doctor, lawyer, or engineer.”

Winona Fu, 26

“I love baking :) Working on being better at household chores for my future hobby already make 6 figures, but I’m still wondering what car you drive~”

Mary Daniels, 25

“I like collecting plants and going to art exhibitions :-)
Also I’m half-white, hope that isn’t a big deal breaker for you~ our kids will have great features ”

Stephanie Bui, 26

“Hey baby, wanna come check this sweet ride out? ;) I love reading philosophy, but it’s not like you’ll listen, so I’m just going to act dumb here.”

Ashley Wong, 27

“My hobbies are photography, fashion, and film! Who are your favorite film directors? Oops, forgot I wasn’t supposed to ask questions here.”