Mental Health

Rita Lei

Rita Lei

What was the topic?

Lecture Link: Mental Health

Team members' role of sections: 

History: Tai

Current state: Will

Professional therapy: Natalia

Self-treatment: Rita

Activity: Natalia

How did we cooperate with each other?
  • Firstly, based on our preferences, everyone chose a different section to focus on.

  • Then, we did our research on our section individually. 

  • Next, we talked about the type of activities for mental health and ended up with the agreement on meditation and question games.

  • After that, we worked together to organize and refined our research stuff: the slides' structure, the research content, and the visual consistency. 

  • Eventually, we practiced our presentation together.

What did I do?
  • In the beginning, I created the outline for our slides structure.

  • After I finished my individual section, I checked our team's working process to make sure everyone was doing well.

  • When everyone finished their section, I helped with the visual refinement.

Did your peers get what you wanted them to learn? How did you assess success? 

  • The content of the slides seemed less attractive to our audiences 😥... I realized that reading the dry text without body language and eye contact could definitely ruin a presentation, which was disappointed.

  • For the meditation activity, the background music and the narrative was peaceful and comfortable. I personally really enjoyed the calm and relaxing atmosphere it created. And our audiences were also engaging during the process. This reached our goal.




What would you do differently in the future? 

  • More eye contact and body language instead of reading the dry text.

  • Be more fluent while presenting.

  • Check out team members' working process and make sure everyone was on the same page.

What advice would you give to the next topic team? 

  • The same as the above.​​

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