Natural User Interface

Rita Lei

Rita Lei

What was the topic?

Lecture Link: Natural User Interface

Who facilitated (the team in charge)

Started with a tricky interaction, Elijah opened the magic door for us towards what natural interaction is : )

Next, Nathalia gave a brief introduction of NUI, the history and current technologies involved.

And then, Grace and Jimmy showed us current fields using NUI.

Last but most interesting part: activity time!

What was the activity?​

1. Get into groups of 3 (one group of 4)

2. Draw a task

3. Use the tasks as a starting point for creating 3 NUI interactions:

  • Two people

  • One person (entire body)

  • Go wild!


What was interesting?

  • There was a lot of fun while thinking about how to use natural interaction to interact with things.

What was helpful?
  • The warm-up beginning is attractive and interesting lol 🤣

  • In-class engaging activities were good!

What (if anything) was applicable to your own project?​
  • Presentation techniques: warm-up beginning 🤣

  • Content: I may consider involving natural interaction in my smart fridge 🤔

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