Nontypical Foodie

02-11-2020 Tue

To-do List:

- Academy:​​

✔️30min: UnderCurrents Project

✔️30min: Cooking App Wireframe

❌30min: UI Kit for Cooking App Storytelling

✔️30min: Naive UI Landing Page inspiration + exploration

- Fitness:

✔️1hr: Jogging

- Individual:

✔️News of coronavirus update

❌Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

✔️Several TED shows

✔️Films: The Theory of Time & Marriage Story

- 食谱新尝:


✔️麒麟果 + 奇异果 + 蓝莓 + 西瓜冰 酸奶捞




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