Rita Lei

Rita Lei

What was the topic?

Lecture Link: Sustainability

Who facilitated (the team in charge)
  • Started with a brief definition and intro of the history, Tara walked us through the ecosystem of sustainability: what type of categories sustainability fit in.

  • Next, Tash showed us various interesting videos related to sustainability, giving more details about how to live environmentally friendly.

  • Later on, Jieying used data evidence to convince how harmful could be like without sustainability. Examples were the usage of building a website and the energy use of charing devices. And then, there were some call-for actions to maintain sustainability, such as unplugging your phone charger whiling not using it to save energy. 

  • Tara took over the topic to dig deeper into the unsustainable facts and actionable solutions. "Thoughtful purchasing to minimize waste" and "consider reused and pre-loved items."

  • In the end, Jamie showed more examples of how designers and artists contribute to sustainability, and how we could do for a better online community. Online info can easily influence people's behaviors. Unsustainable = Toxic Online Environment. Build trust through transparency.

What was the activity?​
Sustainability assessment tool:

What was interesting?

  • The sustainability assessment tool was interesting to measure how sustainable a product was according to different variables.

  • There were multiple ways to be more sustainable: less use of non-renewable resources, low-carbon commuting and etc.

What was helpful?
  • Data was convincing to support the topic.

  • The metric was a visualizing way to measure different variable.

  • For interaction designer, it helped us to be more social-responsible to design sustainable product and care about our environment in the long term :)

What (if anything) was applicable to your own project?​
  • Use data visualization to make presentation more understandable and convincing.

  • Take sustainability into consideration in the long term in interaction design.

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