​Transportation + Wayfinding

Rita Lei

Rita Lei

What was the topic?

Lecture Link: Transportation + Wayfinding

Who facilitated (the team in charge)
  • Started with Wayfinding principles, Jessica gave us a clear intro.

  • Next, Gina displayed the future of transportation: alternative modes & fuels and impact. The current problems are related to traffic congestion and environmental pollution

  • Later on, Omar and Jessica introduced "universal design" together in more details:

  • The design is useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities

  • The design accommodates a wide range of individual preferences and abilities

  • Perceptible information

  • Tolerance for error

  • Low physical effort - a minimum of fatigue

  • Size and space for approach and use

  • In the end, we were put into a question "how can universal design support transportation?"  and were encouraged to design for a specific scenario for a target user group. (15min design + 5min present)

What was the activity?​
Design for a specific scenario for a target user group. (15min design + 5min present)

What was interesting?

  • The various design principles of universal design. I think it could help to make my design more professional with the supports of academic evidences.

What was helpful?
  • Inclusivity and universal design

  • The approaches to design a clear and understandabled wayfinding system

What (if anything) was applicable to your own project?​
  • For the information archiecture and user workflow, a clear and understandable wayfinding system could help users (vistors) to go through the process intuivtively. I'll be more careful about the worflow for my project.

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