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| Week 11-12 | Rita Lei

Rita Lei

Process Documentation:

Smart Fridge - Oct 25, 2019 (PDF)

What did I plan to do?
  • Focus on 1 molecule: retired elderly people

  • 3 more Interviews with retired elderly people (but not be my relatives)

  • Insights and validation

  • 3 main Key features (Metric with highlight)

  • MVP  + Rough Prototype (Low-fi)

  • Test Plan

What did I actually do?
  • Followed my plan 😊

What worked well:

  • By narrowing the scope down and focusing on one molecule, I saved more time and was able to concentrate on one target user group.

  • Interviewing retired elderly people who were not my relatives helped to gather more qualitative data. 

  • Keeping track of the working process was a good way to improve efficiency and get away from procrastination.

What freaked me out:​
  • I was afraid that it might be a little bit inconvenient to do the user testing remotely. (next week I'll do user testing)

What would I do differently next time:
  • Create a user journey map to think about the holistic process.

What I plan to do next week:
  • Persona + Storyboard

  • A current user journey map

  • User test for the MVP

  • Validation

  • Refined MVP

  • Round 2 Test Plan

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