​Reflection Notes

| Week 19-20 | Rita Lei

Rita Lei

Process Documentation:

​Notion - Secondary Research - Elderly People Food Preferences (URL)

N0tion - Secondary Research - Elderly People Food Preferences  (PDF Version)

What did I plan to do?
  • Survey for the customized menu

  • Result analysis

  • MVP updated

  • Round 2 Test

What did I actually do?​
  • Secondary research about elderly people food preferences

  • Prioritize the food preferences

  • Survey draft of the customized menu based on food preferences

What worked well:

  • Secondary research with quantitative data helped to understand and prioritize the food preferences

What freaked me out:​
  • Multiple features research at the same time

What would I do differently next time:
  • Focus on one single feature first -> validate it

  • Then, after validation, move to another feature in the next

What I plan to do next week:
  • Survey for elderly people food preferences

  • MVP updated

  • User test

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