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| Week 25-26 | Rita Lei

Rita Lei

Process Documentation:

Smart Fridge - Final Presentation (Dec 12, 2019)

Smart Fridge - Presentation Video (Dec 12, 2019)

 What did you set out to accomplish?

  • I would like to learn Chinese retired elderly people’s eating habits and how healthy eating affects their lives through both secondary and primary research. On top of that, develop a rough prototype to test the concept.

What did you actually accomplish?
  • I followed my plan.

What changed from your initial idea/direction?

  • Instead of using the body scan to generate the health reports, I’m thinking to input health reports manually could be more realistic.

What freaked me out:​
  • To scope the target user to a specific group takes time.

  • Also, secondary research is very informative and I need to condense the data I gathered.

  • Time management is also an issue.

What surprised you?
  • Through secondary research, I was surprised by how large the quantity is of Chinese elderly people. Also, most of them are capable to use the smartphone to do online shopping in the digital age, because they do not fall behind. Through the interview, I was surprised that a lot of participants treat cooking as a personal hobby during their retired life. 

 Who was helpful to you?
  • Kate offered a lot of good suggestions to keep me on the right track and be more practical and realistic.

What are you proud of?
  • I was proud of finally I did it and learned a lot through the whole process.

For next semester:

  • In the Spring semester, I would like to test the other features for validation. After getting the concept validated, I’ll develop a high-fidelity prototype to test the polished visual. And refine the ecosystem of my product.

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