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| Week 3-4 | Rita Lei

Rita Lei

Problem Statement:

Modern people aged between 18-45 years old with an interest in cooking and healthy eating find it inconvenient to explore personalized healthy recipes tutorials to learn from, switch between multiple platforms to purchase ingredients with various proportions and interact with screens via their hands while cooking. 

Design Opportunities:

A cooking App features at video tutorials and customized recipes based on personal food preferences and health conditions. It allows voice interaction and in-App ingredient bundle purchasing.

Primary Research:

Interviews Documentation

Rita Lei

Prototype - Version 1:

Based on my revised project brief, I focused on the main features: customized recipes based on personal food preferences and health conditions for modern cooking lovers, video cooking tutorials, and voice interaction. Then, I created the first raw prototype for the tablet.-based Cooking App.

Here is the video of the prototype Version 1:

Rita Lei

User Test - Findings:
  • "Time matters. I would like to see if the recommendations are based on different time periods, such as breakfast, lunch or something. 'Customized Menu' and 'Chef Recommendation' are not really useful, because I could not tell what the difference between them and how customized the recipe could be." 

  • "The navigation is distributed, and it takes me a lot of time to find what I want."

  • "The categories of recipes could be more specific which can bring more sense of customization."

  • "For each recipe, I don't think the "Star" makes much sense since  I don't know how many people rate for that."

  • "For the recipe details, if there is a way to see how popular the recipe is, this would be more attractive for me."

  • "How professional the chef is? Is there a way for me to see the level of the chef?"

Things to be improved in the next step:
  • Categorize the recipes based on time periods: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

  • Condense the navigation to make the way-finding system more straightforward. 

  • Use more specific categories to replace the placeholders.

  • Add how many people saved the recipe in both the tutorial page and the detail page.

  • Add how many people liked the recipe in both the tutorial page and the detail page.

  • Add the professional level for the chef.

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