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| Week 5-6 | Rita Lei

Rita Lei

 What did I plan to do?
  • Interviews with Chinese high school students, to analyze how they feel about the concept of scheduling for reading rooms and checking the availability of dining rooms.

  • Validate the hypothesis

  • Create MVP

What did I actually do?

I interviewed 3 high schools students from China:

  • "I usually study in the classroom. I have a lot of books, and it is inconvenient to carry them back and forth if I go to the library." -- Xiaoyun

  • "It is distracting to browse the cellphone to make a schedule. WeChat and other apps may distract my attention, ending in low efficiency."

  • "Because I already know which time period is available for me to go to the dining room, I don't think it is necessary to check the availability."

What I learned:
  • Chinese high school students don't have any strong need to make a schedule for reading rooms since there are alternatives that are more convenient for them, such as classrooms.

  • They do not want to pick up their cellphones frequently since other apps for social and entertainment are distracting.

  • Students already have a sense of "available hours", and don't think it is necessary to check it.

So I shifted my direction towards the dietary meal service or the smart fridge

Here is the project brief

What worked well:

  • interviews helped to get a deeper understanding of the problem space

What freaked me out:
  • Frequent changes of direction

What would I do differently next time:
  • Earlier interviews to learn more about the problem space

  • specific and condense timelines for milestones

What I plan to do next week:
  • 4 Interviews

  • Insights + Opportunities

  • Persona + Storyboard

  • MVP + Test

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