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My initial target users are retired elderly people who are interested in cooking and care about healthy eating. 


The first problem they are facing is that there is a lack of a straight-forward way to find new recipes and cooking instructions. The second problem is that when they are cooking in the kitchen, it is inconvenient for them to watch the video tutorials on the TV or their smartphone and cook the food at the same time in the kitchen, especially when their hand is holding stuff.


So my idea is to create an App that is embedded in a smart refrigerator, to offer them food recommendations based on their food preferences and healthy conditions, to help them explore new recipes and learn how to cook through video tutorials. Furthermore, to create a food-sharing community to get them more involved and feel self-fulfillment.


The reason why I would like to do a smart refrigerator is that it can use machine learning to learn users’ food preferences based on what types of food they put into the refrigerator. And on top of that, the refrigerator can offer more accurate and personalized recommendations to fit their special needs. Also, it can detect the expiring date of food and send an alert to the users when the food is going to be expired. 


But for this semester, I would like to change my initial target users from the elderly people to 30 to 45-year-old middle-class females. Because I did more secondary research and competitor analysis during my winter break, from which I found that the main users of cooking Apps in the current marketing place were 30-45-year-old females. The reason was that people who were elderly than 45 were not familiar with how to use online services through smart devices. The learning curve for them was higher than younger people. So this is why I would like to shift my initial direction a little bit. 


For my new design direction, I’ll re-do interviews with my new target user groups to figure out their food preferences, their learning motivations and so on.


For my final deliverable, the prototype, I’ll create the App. And in addition to it, I’ll make a fake refrigerator to simulate the kitchen environment.

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